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Balloon Decoration s
You Can Make At Home!

While these look fancy, they are very easy for you to make at home. We sell the supplies you'll need to make these - and at low discount prices!

These simple step-by-step directions will guide you.

  • Balloon Column
  • Balloon Pops
  • Simple Balloon Arch
Balloon Column

Step 1:
Fill Balloons

Step 2:
Attach 12' ribbon to balloon

Step 3:
Pull balloons to floor

Step 4:
Raise first balloon to desired height

Step 5:
Raise second balloon to the bottom of the first balloon, and continue with each balloon to the floor.

Step 6:
Secure column of balloons to weight.

Balloon Pops

Step 1:
Fill balloons

Step 2:
Attach 12' of ribbon

Step 3:
Pull balloons into a tight cluster and tie ribbon collar around the balloon strings - as close to the cluster of balloons as possible, knot securely

Step 4:
Tie the bottom of the strings to the weight.

Note: If you'd like to have the curly streamers hanging down -like in the photo - just leave long tails or add additional curly ribbon.

Simple Balloon Arch

Step 1:
Attach ribbon or fishing line to weights. Pull to desired size of arch.

Step 2:
Weight opposite end.

Step 3:
Start attaching balloons to the fishing line, and let them touch each other.

Step 4:
Tie ribbons to each balloon and curl for festive accent.

You can also make this arch with star-shaped mylar balloons.