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Helium Tank Rentals!


Regrettably ...  We are having to increase our Helium Tank Rental prices, because of the severe National shortage of helium.

We offer a 3-day rental on our helium tanks. They come in three sizes:

  • $22.50 tank will fill approximately 25 balloons
        ($100 Deposit)
  • $45.00 tank will fill approximately 50 balloons
        ($100 Deposit)
  • $150 tank will fill approximately 150 balloons
        ($200 Deposit)

We do require a deposit with each helium tank rental, which is fully-refunded once the tank and balloon inflation valve has been returned in good condition.   Most of our customers like the convenience of a credit card deposit, but we also accept cash deposits. For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. 

Because the helium supply is so limited nationally, we no can no longer reserve Helium Tanks beyond ONE WEEK prior to your event.  

Call your local store to reserve your tank(s) and determine availability.