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Turkey Garnish Ideas

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Fruit Garnish

After cooking the turkey and putting it on a platter, you can garnish the turkey with a selection of colorful apples, oranges and parsley.  Or, you could use lettuce, grapes and the fruit of your choice.  Simple and attractive. 

Herb Bundles

Place a 5-inch length of kitchen string on a work surface. Arrange fresh herbs such as rosemary, parsley, thyme, sage or basil at center of string. (It’s especially nice to use fresh stalks of the same herbs that are used in the dish you’re garnishing.) Tie bundle with string and trim ends. Thread a large darning needle with a 12-inch piece of kitchen string. Tie knot in end of string. Thread six fresh cranberries onto the string, remove needle and knot other end of string. Push three cranberries down to one end of the string, and three cranberries down to the other end of the string. Tie cranberry string around herb bundle. Place herb bundles around base of roasted turkey, or use to garnish other savory dishes such as stuffing or potatoes.
"Baste a turkey in this glaze of honey, apple cider and butter for a rich golden appearance and a pleasantly sweet flavor."

Cranberry Bulls Eyes

Cut a fresh orange into 1/4-inch slices. Cut the orange slices from one side to the inside edge of the rind on the other side. Pick up and gently twist. Place twisted slice on plate and tuck one cranberry into each side of the twist, pressing into place.

Cranberry Confetti

Toss together equal parts finely chopped fresh cranberries and finely chopped parsley. Add half as much grated orange peel. Sprinkle mixture like confetti around the edges of plates, or over sliced turkey platters or vegetable side dishes .

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